Dear Friends,
I and my husband decided not to have children until we are economically stable therefore I started using contraceptive pills in order to prevent pregnancy. But I am haunted by some of the myths that surface around contraceptive pills and its usage. My friends claim that contraceptive pills have more disadvantages than advantages; as pregnancy pills are believed to permanently disrupt the hormonal process and after using the contraceptive pills a women can never get pregnant. They even claim that use of pregnancy pills not only disfigure a women's appearance but also leads to the birth of a disabled child.
I have not even consulted the doctor and I am mentally baffled with fear. Please help me friends!
- Friend from Kathmandu

SSMK team: Hello friend from Kathmandu, we are very happy to know that your marriage is a perfect example of mutual understanding and trust and we congratulate you for wonderful communication between you and your spouse regarding your present and your future. We also agree to the fact that becoming parents is a big responsibility therefore, being economically stable first would also mean being responsible towards your children.

Though, your combined decision to use contraceptive device is noteworthy but using contraceptive pills or any contraceptive device without consulting the doctor can have various disadvantages therefore, before using such contraceptive devices we would also like to request you to consult a doctor or a health assistant. 

We interviewed Dr. Khem Karki (Sexual and reproductive health expert) regarding your query. Therefore, please listen to what he has to say on the various confusion and queries related to contraceptive pills. Please do write in if you have more queries or problem!