Hey friends wat's up? I'm 19 years old and I am very confused and a bit scared. My friends and I were talking about sex when one of my friends said that when you use a condom for sex it always gets stuck in the girls vagina? is it true?

SSMK team: Hey confused boy, thanks a bunch for writing to us! You know people often get worried about this, but truly speaking there's no need to worry! A girl has a cervix at top of her vagina, which blocks the entrance to the womb. If a condom does slips off it can't go far- So just relax ! 

Now when we are talking about a condom we would also like to tell you more about this 'warrior tool' that protects one from HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases:

How to use a condom:

11 How to use a condomCorrect Use of Condoms Worn by Men

1.Open the package carefully, so that you do not tear the condom. Remember to use a new condom every time you have sex

2. Place the condom over the head of your erect penis (Figure.1)

3. The condom should fit over the head of the penis like a small rubber cap, unroll it easily down the shaft of the penis. Gently squeeze the tip of the condom to remove any trapped air. 

4. Hold the tip of the condom and unroll it all the way down to the base of your penis (Figure 2). 

5. If you feel the condom break -- or think it may be broken -- withdraw immediately. Throw the condom away and use a new condom. 

6. After you ejaculate, hold the condom to the base of your penis while you withdraw. Gently peel the used condom off the tip of your penis (Figure 3) and throw it away. Never use a condom more than once. 

Dude, a Female condom is also available in the market and it's called a 'Femidom'. A female condom goes inside the girls vagina and covers the outside lips. It's larger than a male condom. We believe that it can give a girl a great sense of freedom and control ! 

We hope that your confused clouds are bright and sunny now and If you have any more questions then you know what to do right! Just send us a email at cwfriends@hotmail.com