Menstruation- It's my, you're and our issue !

Q. Hey, friends I'm 25 years old and till now I haven't had my menstruation period ? Is there anything wrong with me? 

Q. Dear SSMK team, I am 19 years old. My menstruation periods are very traumatic. The pain that I have to face is intolerable and has a prolonged effect. I went to the doctor for a checkup and the doctor told me that the pain that I face during my Menes will go away if I get married, is it true? 

Q. Dear friends, I want to know more about menstruation and the types of things we need to keep in mind when we have our regular periods? 

SSMK team: Thank you so much friends for the queries that you have sent regarding the issue menstruation. In order to give you a detailed explanation on the issue we interviewed Dr. Nafisa Malla (Gynecologist), of Phect Nepal, Kirtipur therefore, please listen to the interview and if you have more queries and questions regarding menstruation then please feel free to hit us a message ! Thanks