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Celebrating the essence of being Young!-Youth sports Mela 2010

Celebrating the essence of being Young!-Youth sports Mela 2010

A year of planning, six months of coordination and a zillion minutes of visualization finally helped the SSMK team to organize the 'Youth Sports Mela' in seven districts of Nepal (Morang, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Rupendehi, Kailali and Kaski). The event which aimed to bring together young people from different arena also included dedicated stalls catering up-to-date information regarding emerging issues such as HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Sanitation, Mine Risk Education and disability. 

Generation talks:  Sujeena Shakya, Miss Newa 2011

Sujeena Shakya, Miss Newa 2011

Everyday a new beauty queen is announced, though the purpose of many beauty pageants seems to be ambiguous to the common mind. It is interesting to hear how beauty contest organizers defend their platform stating it to be different from the other. Some might consider such beauty pageants as a platform to hone one's inner skill or a mirror to portray the true essence of intellectuality and beauty; some critics might also bash such pageants as nothing but a redundancy of the old school of thought that- beauty contest get women noticed.

Visual Impairment is no barrier...


By- Rupa Joshi

"My disability does not define me"- Pratibha


Straight from the heart

Blog my world: Lex Limbu


'Lex Limbu': the 19 years old guy who has brought a digital tsunami in the blogging world; is nothing like Lex Luther the villain in superman cartoon, nor is he the posh incarnation of west meets east, he is unlike the cloud-nine version of a non-residential Nepali living in London and he is surely not the 'not-my cup of tea' kind of unperturbed teenager, who care more about their well being than thinking about others.

एचआइभीको नया संक्रमण: शुन्य

There are times when we wonder out loud that despite so many campaigns being launched to aware people about HIV and AIDS,  It still remains as the world's most significant public health challenge, particularly in low and middle income countries. The new slogan for the 'World AIDS day'- Getting to Zero; might sound ambitious in many accounts, but it is not impossible ! This week on Saathi Sanga Manka Kura, we discuss how this motto can be accomplished with the help of young people to realistically bring HIV infections to a complete ZERO!


The Trivia of New Years Resolution


If asked- 'What's your new years resolution ?' we will readily dictate our painstakingly prepared wish list that we tend to achieve in New years but when we polish our list of 'achievable' do we actually think whether the things on the list can be achieved or not ?

Talking sex is not a crime, not talking about it is a serious offence: Pratul JB Rana

Right after his grand win as College Ambassador 2010, Pratul JB Rana has raised eyebrows not only with his distinctive style, but also because of his profound views that arrows reality. As Pratul speaks about Politics, homosexuality, constitution making and other issues that directly and indirectly affect the young population in Nepal, it's hard to deny that this 19 years old guy not only has an IQ that reflects brilliance, but also possesses sheer maturity that many youngsters lack.

Antony Lake: The undefeated vocal chord for children and youth


Twitter, face book and SMS channels were all buzzing with the news of the newest celebrity in the block- Antony Lake, The executive director of UNICEF. Antony Lake might be a man of status, but his humble personality flanked with his witty and intellectual views, redefines grandeur in the finest manner. Saathi Sanga Manka Kura producers- Ayush and Swarnima met the executive director of UNICEF and quizzed him with a handful of questions being addressed to him by the children and young people of Nepal.

The SSMK Village


38 SSMK VIllageA true beauty is defined best when you feel it rather then what your eyes allow you to judge, for eyes they relate what you see but the rhythm produced can be tuned for eternity. Ducked in the interior parts of Sunsari is a super small village called Singiya. A small village away from the urban sphere but one can feel the essence with the very first step inside.