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Education for all - hear our voice


Radio program 'Saathi Sanga Manka Kura' or 'Chatting with my best friend'  is often dubbed as a best friend for millions of young people and children in Nepal, the reason: Saathi Sanga Manka Kura  garners thousands of letters, emails and SMS from its toll free SMS network from young people and children residing in various nooks and corners of Nepal, who unhesitatingly share their most intimate dilemmas, questions, queries and problems.

Constitution talks


'Nepal's new found love: Federalism talks'


As we wear the crown of dreams- Humla Diaries

SSMK Humla Diaries

They look at me and whisper in each others ears, followed by a merry laugh. I ask them if they could share the joke with me. Sabita, aged 13 looks at me with curiosity, as if to scan what is in my mind and shares "We were laughing because your hairstyle is very funny" to which both the sisters burst out laughing. I smiled as they tell me that my Mohawk hairstyle looked like a cock whose feathers were ruffled in a cock fight. I inquired whether they would talk to me and informed them that their voices would be aired in the radio.

रेडियो कार्यक्रम साथीसँग मनका कुराले परिवर्तन गयो शर्मिलाको जिवन


कैलाली ,साडेपानी स्थायी घर भई हाल कैलाली पहलमानपुर ,लठैयाामा बस्दै आईरहेकी २५ वर्षिया शर्मिला थारु रेडियो कार्यक्रम साथी सँग मनका कुरा लाई एउटा राम्रो मन मिल्ने साथी अनि अभिभवकको रुपमा लिने गरेकी छिन् ।

The SSMK Diary; Baglung


Baglung, a small town with few hundred homes, less population and not so happening thing is what strikes in you when you hear the name. You are right except for the fact that few very wonderful things do happen here. Baglung may not be rich in resources but this place could be considered as an  ideal place for trail biking.

मैले देखेको, मेरो नेपाल


SSMK bags the NAMA awards


Saathi Sanga Manka Kura (SSMK) was awarded its first Nepal AIDS MEDIA AWARD (NAMA) by the Asia Pacific Leadership Forum on HIV and Development (APLF), Nepal, via its Media Panel and in collaboration with the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), government ministries and organizations, private sector representation, and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). From the four categories, print, television, radio and online; SSMK received in the radio category by producing the content on Preventing Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) carrying a cash prize of Rs.

The Heart that beat for Social Cause

Juju kaji Maharjan a sculptor is also a freelance writer, theatre artist and a painter widely acclaimed
in performing arts. He is also a founder member for more than five organizations and working for
hunger free, HIV & AIDS, Drugs, Orphanage, Street Children and many other activities. His arts have

Silent Sorrow - The Unheard Voices


Saathi Sanga Manka Kura (SSMK), the most popular youth radio program in Nepal, in partnership with the slum girls’ theatre group Nawa Tara Kishori Samuha (NTKS) in coordination with non-slum theatre group "Hatemalo Sanchar", in "Ending Slum Youth Stigma and Discrimination for Sustainable Development" through series of street dramas carried in slum and non-slum areas of Manohara, Sinamangal and Balkhu.